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Sohel Chowdhury
Jul 16, 2022
In Welcome to the Forum
It's time to break the subject habit, the phone number list temptation to think of content marketing in terms of individual projects - like blog posts. As an alternative, explore the benefits of serialization – developing and sharing phone number list content in a short series of blog posts organized around a common theme. Saving high-potential ideas Another major benefit of the phone number list serial approach is that it solves the problem of “high potential ideas” that might otherwise never see the light of day. The phone number list frustration I felt with the “unwritten books” was the catalyst for this short series approach. For a long time (longer than I care to share), I had several promising ideas that I was eager to develop further and turn them into content or revenue. But nothing was happening. But wait there's more The phone number list short series approach offers one final compelling benefit: it allows for an easy transition from the “no documented marketing plan or editorial calendar” situation that continues to undermine the phone number list success of many B2B, B2C, small business, and online content marketers non-profit. Trying out the short series approach outlined and discovering its benefits can open the door to your business adopting more effective, long-term content marketing strategies for 2016. Create a short series By the phone number list way, there's no magic developing a big idea into a series of nine posts. I wanted time and space to do justice to each of the seven ideas. A series of four or five articles did not provide enough opportunity to develop each point. A shorter series would also have reduced the time available to prepare the phone number list series finale's call to action – the e-book, white paper, or training videos. I also had my doubts about a longer series. I wanted a goal that I could achieve in a reasonable time. And I was worried that reader fatigue would set in with a three- or four-month project. While I envision the phone number list project as a series of weekly blog posts that will appear on the same day of the week, that doesn't preclude you from covering other topics in between installments of your short series. However, it is essential that your series updates appear at predictable intervals. You can download and study the PDFs of the Empty Short Series Frame (above) and the phone number list Filled Short Series Example (below). Implement the structure of short series Avoid reinventing the phone number list wheel for blog posts 2-8. Instead, introduce each post by describing the current topic, its key features, and how it helps solve the problem identified in the first blog post. Decide what types phone number list of examples, quotes, or visuals will best tell your story. Look for ways to subtly reference previous posts in the series. At the end of each post, decide how you will preview the next episode. Rather than planning and writing the phone number list blog posts first, define the series goal and call to action at the end of the series. What is the big picture in terms of the results you want the series to produce? Ask questions such as: Will the goal be an incentive to build a list, like a SlideShare presentation or a white paper? Is it going to be an event, like a webinar? Or will it be an e-book or video training series?
How to turn 1 idea into 2 months of phone number list content marketing content media
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Sohel Chowdhury

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